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Washrooms and toilets

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In many homes, in addition to a larger bathroom, which is used by household members on a daily basis, there is also a small toilet. Toilet equipment is often much more modest than a larger bathroom and is usually limited to a toilet and a sink. We arrange such small sanitary facilities not only in our homes. Many service points or public utility facilities cannot do without them. A tastefully and aesthetically decorated toilet in a small restaurant or bistro will make us gain in the eyes of customers. If you are planning to equip a toilet, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of the Komfort online store. In addition to the offer of ceramic tiles, waterproof panels and carpets, we also offer sanitary facilities and fittings necessary to equip a toilet or WC.

Toilets – basic equipment

The equipment of the so-called restroom usually consists of basic sanitary facilities. In the minimalist version, the toilet must have such equipment as:

  • A toilet bowl, or the so-called toilet bowl. The size, method of assembly and location of the toilet bowl often determine how convenient and practical it is to use this room. The toilet can be purchased separately or in a set with a toilet seat and a flush-mounted frame. Installation of a flush-mounted frame is an ideal solution in small toilets. The entire cistern structure is hidden in the wall, and the toilet bowl itself is attached to the wall, not to the floor. The free space under the toilet will make the room optically larger. Cleaning the toilet will also be much easier.
  • The washbasin is another mandatory element of every toilet. For smaller rooms, small washbasins or corner washbasins often work well. A solution that optimally uses space will also be a washbasin with a cabinet that will allow you to hide useful items or cleaning products.
  • Other equipment may include, for example, bathroom cabinets, a mirror, a toilet brush, etc. What accessories to choose depends primarily on the available space and the style of the toilet and the whole apartment.

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