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i.e. anonymous reporting irregularities

Early identification of threats significantly affects the effectiveness of counteracting irregularities, which, if not stopped at the appropriate stage, may have very negative consequences for our company. Advance information will give our organization a chance to prevent events that threaten life and health/property/significant information resources of the company or activities that cause excessive or unjustified costs.

Whistleblowing policies are an important aspect of any transparent work environment. Therefore, our company decided to implement a platform for anonymous reporting of irregularities. It is available at: www.zalezynam.eu.

How can the whistleblower help our organization?

As a responsible organization, we want to know the problems present in our company, but since we cannot be everywhere all the time, we need you to be our eyes and ears. Reported incidents will allow us to respond efficiently to undesirable situations. Each irregularity registered in the system will be analyzed by an external team of compliance and legal experts. Having information about irregularities is an essential safety valve for the company.

How do we approach the problem of reporting irregularities?

It is in the company's interest that all problems are dealt with within the organization, not externally. Therefore, our company has developed a procedure and implemented a platform for anonymous and safe management of irregularities. Thanks to this, we have a real opportunity to eliminate pathologies and irregularities, and thus the risk of undesirable or even crisis situations.

How do we ensure the security and anonymity of reporters?

The whistleblower has access to a safe channel for reporting abuse. We have chosen the most effective form for anonymous communication with employees and outsiders, i.e. a portal solution - an IT platform (www.zalezynam.eu). Thanks to this, the reporting person can safely send information about a disturbing event at any time and from any device (computer, tablet, phone). Additionally, for full transparency, notifications are handled by external entities.
We are talking about irregularities because WE CARE about creating our workplace together.

Platform address: www.zalezynam.eu
Password to log in to the platform: KOMFORT
Procedure for reporting information about irregularities: Download

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