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TV cabinets

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TV cabinets

Regardless of the style of our living room, there is most likely a TV in it. The perfect piece of furniture to display a TV is, of course, a TV cabinet. However, TV cabinets often also serve additional functions in our homes, similar to those of a chest of drawers. By choosing a TV cabinet with additional shelves or drawers, we will be able to use it as a place to store various trinkets. A quite common mistake when purchasing a TV cabinet is matching it to the equipment you currently have. We usually replace TVs and media players much more often than furniture. Therefore, it is worth choosing a relatively universal TV cabinet that will also be used after replacing multimedia devices. We should also not forget that the TV cabinet should match the decor of the entire room. Bright TV cabinets will fit perfectly into minimalist Scandinavian-style arrangements. We can use gray or black TV cabinets in modern, industrial and loft interiors. On the other hand, cabinets in the color of light and dark wood are relatively universal designs that will feel good in most stylizations.

Hanging or legs-mounted TV cabinets?

TV cabinets may differ not only in size, arrangement and number of shelves or color, but also in the method of assembly. The classic solution is cabinets on legs. Their advantage is that they can be easily moved to another place. Most often they also have a bit more space on shelves or in drawers than hanging TV cabinets. The disadvantage is difficult access to the floor under such a standing TV cabinet. This can be a nuisance when cleaning.  In turn, hanging TV cabinets give the impression of lightness and will work great in modern and avant-garde living room styles. Hanging TV cabinets also allow free access to the floor under the furniture. This makes it much easier when vacuuming or washing the floor. The disadvantage of hanging TV cabinets is that if the room is rearranged, we will have to dismantle them and reinstall them in a new place.

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