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Kitchen sinks

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The size, number of chambers, material and method of installation are some of the most important criteria that we must take into account when choosing a kitchen sink. Its appearance is also important. Contrary to appearances, a sink can perform not only practical functions. The original design and modern material can make the sink one of the decorative elements of the kitchen.

Kitchen sinks

But let's start with purely practical issues and check how to choose the perfect kitchen sink:

  • Size – the dimensions of a kitchen sink should be determined primarily by the dimensions of our kitchen cabinets and the dimensions of the entire kitchen. A sink that is too small can simply be inconvenient. On the other hand, a sink that is too large will take away a large part of the worktop in the kitchen.
  • The number of sink chambers - is indirectly related to its size. When choosing between a single- and double-bowl kitchen sink, it is worth answering the question whether we will use a dishwasher on a daily basis. If most of the dishes will be washed in the dishwasher, a single-bowl sink should be enough for us. However, if we do not plan to install a dishwasher, and we have a large family, a two-bowl sink may come in handy.
  • Material – steel sinks definitely rule in this category. They are characterized by a very good value for money. They are inexpensive and durable. The great advantage of steel kitchen sinks is also the fact that they can be easily adapted to virtually any interior. You can easily find a sink model that fits a modern kitchen, as well as a slightly more traditional interior. An alternative to steel sinks are sinks made of granite, composite or ceramic.
  • Method of assembly - the most popular solution are the so-called overlay sinks. To assemble them, we will need a cabinet of appropriate size, which does not have a top top. In our store you can easily buy an overlay sink and a kitchen cabinet compatible with it. Such a set is a guarantee that we will not encounter problems during the assembly of the kitchen sink.

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