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Kitchen furniture

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Furniture and kitchen cabinets

Traditional, oak kitchen in the English style or high-gloss kitchen furniture, or maybe gray kitchen furniture in a modern style? The choice of kitchen furniture is a very important issue that should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Kitchen furniture must not only look great and harmonize with the arrangement of the entire room. They should also be practical and functional. Here are some tips on which kitchen furniture to choose:

  • High-gloss kitchen furniture is especially suitable for small and poorly lit kitchens.
  • It is better to choose matt kitchen furniture for a large and spacious kitchen.
  • It is also worth matching the color of kitchen furniture to the size and amount of natural light in the kitchen. Bright furniture will brighten and optically enlarge the kitchen. Dark furniture can have the opposite effect. Of course, the color of the floor and ceiling in the kitchen and possibly in the living room, if these two rooms are connected, should also influence the color of the kitchen furniture.
  • The arrangement of elements of kitchen furniture and individual household appliances is very important. Let's choose such kitchen furniture that will facilitate our daily activities in the kitchen. The principle of the working triangle, formulated already in the 1950s, comes into play here. It says that elements such as the sink, refrigerator and stove should be the vertices of a triangle. The distance between individual peaks should not be more than a little over 2 meters.

Cheap kitchen furniture

The Komfort online store offers cheap kitchen furniture, both in sets and in the form of individual cabinets. The prices of Komfort kitchen furniture start below PLN 1,000, which does not diminish their quality. A set of kitchen furniture from our company is therefore a great way to arrange a really cheap and fashionable kitchen. The prices of individual cabinets start from just a few dozen zlotys. If you plan to equip your kitchen with Komfort furniture, we also offer kitchen faucets and sinks compatible with our furniture sets.

Kitchen cabinets

Choosing the right fronts and color of kitchen furniture is only part of the success. Properly planned and organized kitchen cabinets are also a very important foundation for any functional kitchen arrangement. Often it is the combination of functionality and aesthetics that is the key to creating the perfect kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets in the Komfort store offer include almost 3,000 products. Our modular kitchen systems allow individual configuration of the quantity, layout and dimensions of kitchen cabinets. When designing a kitchen, we can choose any bottom kitchen cabinets and hanging kitchen cabinets. We offer several different types of kitchen cabinets in a large number of variants. In addition to classic closed or open kitchen cabinets, our offer also includes corner kitchen cabinets, cabinets with drawers, and solutions such as kitchen posts, oven cabinets, sink cabinets and microwave cabinets.

The very wide range of Komfort kitchen cabinets includes furniture referring to various architectural styles. Lovers of modern minimalism can reach for kitchen cabinets in the Scandinavian, loft or industrial style. White or gray kitchen cabinets with simple fronts will often work in such arrangements. In the category of modern kitchen furniture, high-gloss kitchen cabinets are also very popular. Komfort kitchen cabinets also offer many models for lovers of vintage and retro trends. These include kitchen cabinets in Provencal or English style. In such arrangements, wooden kitchen cabinets or models imitating the color and pattern of natural wood are very popular.

Regardless of whether you want to create a cool, modern kitchen or a cozy and warm arrangement, we invite you to check out our constantly growing offer of kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets are available both as pieces and in the form of ready-made sets of kitchen furniture.

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