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Kitchen furniture handles

Kitchen furniture handles are details that influence not only the appearance of the kitchen, but also the comfort of everyday use of this room. Properly selected kitchen furniture handles allow for ergonomic opening and closing of cabinets and drawers. To a large extent, however, handles for kitchen furniture have a decorative function. The handle of a kitchen cabinet or drawer can perfectly emphasize the arrangement of fronts and their proportions. In addition to classic kitchen furniture handles, a number of modern solutions are also popular. One of them are the so-called railings, i.e. horizontal bars with a round or rectangular cross-section, which can function not only as a handle, but also as a hanger for kitchen towels. Kitchen rails equipped with additional hooks are also sometimes mounted under hanging cabinets. In this way, we gain a comfortable space for storing cups, glasses or other small items. Another modern and increasingly used solution are slatted handles for kitchen furniture. They have an ergonomic profile and are usually mounted in the upper part of kitchen fronts.

Retro or modern kitchen furniture handles?

The style of kitchen furniture handles should, of course, match the entire arrangement of this room. Retro kitchen furniture handles can be used, for example, in vintage arrangements as well as in classic kitchens. Often, however, retro kitchen handles will also work in industrial or loft kitchens. In this case, it is worth betting on retro kitchen furniture handles reminiscent of old factory equipment. In turn, modern handles for kitchen furniture are primarily the domain of modernist, minimalist kitchens. Modern kitchen handles are dominated by simple designs made of metal. Depending on the colors of the remaining kitchen elements, we can choose modern kitchen handles in black, white or metallic colors (gold, silver, copper, etc.). In such modern interiors, handleless fronts are also more and more common, opened by pressing lightly.

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