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Faucets and showers

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Fittings are nowadays an indispensable element of the bathroom. Choosing the right faucet for a sink or bathtub is simple. See what you need to remember to choose not only a nice, but also a functional bathroom faucet.

How to choose a sink faucet

The size of the faucet should match the size of the washbasin. In order to comfortably wash your hands, a standing basin mixer must have the right spout length and height. The distance between the spout and the bottom of the washbasin should be large enough to allow you to wash your hands easily. The length of the spout must be selected so that the water stream falls just before the sink drain.

Very shallow washbasins require a slightly higher faucet to be installed so that you can wash your hands easily. Large washbasins require a washbasin tap with a longer spout. Thanks to this, you do not have to stretch your hands so much while washing. When a countertop washbasin is installed in the bathroom, a high basin mixer will work best. In turn, small toilet washbasins require installation of taps with a shorter spout. This will prevent the water from splashing out of the sink.

If we do not want the faucet to be placed on the countertop or washbasin, we can consider options such as:

  • Wall-mounted washbasin faucet - a very classic model mounted on the wall, similarly to bathtub or shower faucets.
  • Concealed washbasin mixer - in this case, the water connections and most of the mechanisms are hidden in the wall. On the bathroom wall, above the sink, there is only a spout and a handle that regulates the temperature and flow of the water stream. Concealed washbasin taps are perfect in combination with freestanding washbasins. However, remember that the washbasin cannot be too large. Since the handle that regulates the water flow is on the wall, too much distance may make it difficult for children, for example, to use the faucet.

Shower faucet – is it easy to install?

To use the shower comfortably, it is important to install the shower faucet at the appropriate level. The height at which the shower tap is installed is usually 110 to 130 cm above the floor. In the case of fittings classically mounted on the wall, the distance between the hot and cold water pipes is standard and amounts to 15 cm. If there are minimal differences in the distances between the water connection and the shower tap union, eccentric connectors can be used to correct them.

Shower faucets have one or two water outlets. If we only connect a shower set, we need one output. If we have chosen a shower faucet with a rain shower, we connect the rain shower to one output and the shower head to the other. By buying a shower faucet together with a shower column, we get a ready-made and tailored solution. The set usually includes a shower faucet with a rain shower, a shower hand and a bar. By purchasing such a set, we can be sure that all the elements will fit together.

If we want to hide as many elements as possible in the bathroom, concealed shower faucets are the solution. With this solution, elements such as the mixing head and water connections are hidden in a small recess in the wall. Only the concealed shower mixer with switches regulating the temperature and water flow is visible on the wall. This solution makes the battery almost entirely hidden under the wall tiles. The flat and wall-adjacent design means there are fewer elements on which dirt and hard water deposits can accumulate.

Bath mixer - on the bathtub? On the wall? Or on the floor?

A wall-mounted bathtub faucet is installed similarly to a shower faucet. The spaces between hot and cold water connections are the same, i.e. approximately 15 cm. To ensure comfortable use, it is best to install the faucet 10 to 20 cm above the edge of the bathtub. This space will allow you to easily wash the bathtub rim under the tap.

However, the faucet does not always have to be mounted on the wall. In such a case, for example, a 3-hole bathtub faucet is useful. It is mounted on the edge of the bathtub. The most visible elements are:

  • bathtub spout;
  • switch for setting water flow and temperature;
  • removable shower head with a flexible hose.

All mechanical elements, such as the water mixing head and water supply hoses, are hidden under the edge of the bathtub. The 3-hole bathtub faucet looks very good when installed in the middle of a large bathtub. Corner bathtubs also look good with such faucets. When planning the installation of this type of bathtub faucet, you should ensure adequate access to hidden elements in case the faucet needs to be serviced or repaired.

If we have a free-standing bathtub and do not want a wall-mounted faucet, the solution is a free-standing bathtub faucet. Such bathroom fittings are mounted to the floor. Therefore, when renovating a bathroom, it is worth planning to route hot and cold water pipes to the appropriate place. Free-standing bathtub faucets are produced in so many designs that finding a faucet that matches the decor of your bathroom or bathing salon is not a problem.

For every bathtub faucet, water flow is important. The larger it is, the faster you can fill the bathtub. The flow rate of 20 to 30 liters per minute allows you to fill the bathtub in a few minutes, so the water does not have time to cool down.

Thermostatic faucets - is it worth it?

When using a thermostatic tap, the water immediately has the temperature we need, so we do not waste time regulating the temperature. In a traditional faucet, before we set the appropriate temperature, we waste several or a dozen liters of water that is too cold or too hot.

In a thermostatic faucet, one handle can be used to regulate the water flow, the other is used to set the water temperature. A scale with degrees Celsius allows you to remember what temperature you prefer and, if necessary, quickly change it to a specific position. Thermostatic taps have a lock against setting the water too hot. Parents of small children will appreciate this because it helps avoid scalding from hot water.

The most popular solution is a shower faucet with a thermostat. The ability to set a specific water temperature means that, for example, during a shower, we will not have an unpleasant surprise when the water runs cold at the beginning. Because hot water flows immediately from the shower head or hand shower, we save water and can take a shower faster.

A thermostatic bathtub faucet is a solution that focuses on comfort. Once the water temperature is set, it allows you to fill the entire bathtub without having to constantly check whether the water is too cold or hot.

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