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Kitchen faucets

Functionality and aesthetics are two basic issues that we should pay attention to when choosing kitchen faucets. We must remember that kitchen faucets are an element of equipment that is used quite intensively. Therefore, it is worth choosing a kitchen faucet of good quality that will serve us for years. It is also important whether we use the dishwasher on a daily basis. If we do not have it, we must take into account that the battery will be used very often. Before you decide to buy a particular model, there are a few things to consider.

  • One of the most important things is how the battery is mounted. It depends largely on the type of sink we choose.
  • The size of the faucet is primarily related to the layout of our kitchen. We must take into account whether the battery will not collide with, for example, a window sill, a sash of an opening window, cupboard doors, etc. It is also worth considering the distance between the faucet outlet and the edges and bottom of the sink. If the distance is too small, you may not be able to place larger dishes in the sink.
  • The color of the kitchen faucet is an element that should match the decor of the room. A universal choice is, of course, silver chrome faucets. If we choose kitchen faucets in a different color, take into account that some colors may be more visible when stains from cleaning agents or limescale deposits are present.
  • Economic issues related to water consumption are also important. If we do not use a dishwasher, it is worth choosing kitchen faucets with an aerator or models that offer economical use of water.

Comfort kitchen faucets

The offer of kitchen faucets in the Komfort online store is gradually expanded. Our goal is to create a comprehensive offer of kitchen equipment. We offer both classic, simple kitchen faucets and designer models for avant-garde arrangements. We hope that among the Komfort kitchen faucets you will find one that will be ideally suited to your kitchen.

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