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Chests of drawers

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Chests of drawers

The chest of drawers is a practical piece of furniture that will work well in the living room as well as in the bedroom or in the children's room. The functionality of this piece of furniture is evidenced by the fact that its name comes from the French word for comfort. This piece of furniture debuted in the 17th century in the bedroom of the French King Louis XIV. Despite changing forms and models, the chest of drawers has survived to this day and is one of the most common pieces of furniture. The chest of drawers can be easily moved and, if necessary, it can perform various functions. We can use it, for example, as a TV stand or in combination with a mirror as a dressing table.

High or low chests of drawers?

One of the first issues we need to decide when buying a chest of drawers is whether to choose a high or low chest of drawers. Tall, or so-called vertical, chests of drawers allow for optimal use of space. They take up little space and allow you to store a large amount of clothes or various small items. For this reason, tall chests of drawers are the best choice for interiors with a small area. In turn, horizontal chests of drawers are wider, thanks to which they allow you to store larger items such as tablecloths or bedding. We can also use a wide tabletop, which gives us a lot of arrangement possibilities. Such a low chest of drawers often serves as a TV stand. Hanging chests of drawers are becoming more and more common in modern interiors. This type of chest of drawers gives the whole arrangement lightness and allows easy access to the floor under the furniture.

Chests of drawers

The most popular models of chests of drawers are, of course, those with drawers. Which and how many drawers to choose depends on the function of the chest of drawers and what we want to store in it. If the chest of drawers is to be used to store towels, bedding, etc., it is worth choosing a model with wide, relatively deep drawers or even small cabinets. This will give us greater opportunities to organize the contents of the chest of drawers. Chests of drawers with more narrow drawers will work just as well for storing everyday clothes, underwear and various small items.

Chests of drawers - inspirations

In the arrangement of what rooms can chests of drawers be used? This universal and multifunctional piece of furniture can be used in almost any room in the house. Bedroom chests of drawers are often used as a place to store clothes, bedding and other home textiles. When arranging this room, we usually choose models that will allow us to optimally use the space available in the bedroom. Chests of drawers for clothes are often relatively high, equipped with large drawers. Representational issues are not as important here as in the case of a living room. Youth chests of drawers perform a similar function. In the room of a teenager or a younger child, the dresser usually contains clothes, toys or school supplies. In the case of a chest of drawers for a children's room, we should also pay attention to safety issues. For example, whether the chest of drawers is stable and does not pose a risk of accidents.

Choosing a chest of drawers for the living room is slightly different. In this case, visual considerations are also very important and how the chest of drawers will look in our living room. The key, of course, is to match the style and color of the chest of drawers to the entire arrangement. The best solution is to choose a chest of drawers from the same collection as other furniture in the living room. We have more freedom if the chest of drawers is the only piece of furniture in this room, apart from the sofa set. The choice of a chest of drawers for the living room also depends on what function it is to play in this room. We will choose a slightly different model if it is to be a TV stand, and another if we want a spacious compartment for storing various things.

However, the living room, bedroom and children's room are not the only places in which we can use chests of drawers. We also sell chests of drawers for the hall. In this room, a chest of drawers can function, for example, as a shoe cabinet.

Arrangements of chests of drawers in the living room

Our online store offers living room chests of drawers inspired by various currently fashionable interior design trends. In a designer modernist living room, we can choose modern chests of drawers with high-gloss fronts. The shiny, light-reflecting surface of such furniture can also visually enlarge the interior. Especially if we choose modern, high-gloss chests of drawers in light colors. In the case of a not too large living room, we can choose white or light gray chests of drawers.

Lovers of modern and minimalist interiors may be interested in loft chests of drawers. These are primarily models in which wooden elements have been combined with metal elements. Such loft chests of drawers will perfectly fit the character of a raw, industrial living room. When it comes to colors, loft chests of drawers are often models in light shades of gray or off-white. Often these are pieces of furniture that visually imitate aged and slightly worn wood. Another characteristic of loft and industrial furniture is the combination of anthracite or graphite elements with inserts in the color of light natural wood.

A large part of our offer also includes chests of drawers in the Scandinavian style. This furniture is characterized primarily by a minimalist and simple form and natural materials. The vast majority of Scandinavian chests of drawers are wooden models. Characteristic of this style are also white chests of drawers and models in which matte white fronts are combined with elements in the color of wood.

However, modern chests of drawers are not everything that can be found in this category. Retro chests of drawers are still very popular. These include, for example, rustic chests of drawers that can be used to arrange a cozy living room in the idyllic style of a country house. Rustic-style chests of drawers are usually models in the color of natural wood with simple decorations and a hint of folk charm. Provencal chests of drawers are somewhat similar, although usually a bit more decorative. A characteristic element of such a chest of drawers are often slightly curved, carved legs or other decorative elements taken from the Ludwik style.

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