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Comfort carpets

Komfort carpets offer over 5,500 fashionable patterns, among which even the most demanding customers will find something for themselves. Comfort carpets are made of high-quality, abrasion-resistant fibers. Thanks to this, they are easy to care for and look good even after long use. When buying a Komfort carpet, you should first pay attention to its size and shape, the length of the so-called pile, color and the material from which it is made. When choosing a Comfort rug for your home, it is also worth remembering a few practical rules.

  • For frequently and intensively used areas, it is worth choosing a dark or melange carpet. In such rooms, carpets resistant to abrasion and those that can be washed or wet cleaned are best.
  • In rooms that are used less frequently and where you particularly care about comfort, you can choose a soft carpet with slightly longer piles. This type of rug will help create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a rug in warm, light colors can also help.
  • Short-pile carpets are much easier to care for on a daily basis. However, the longer fleece provides better insulation from the cold floor.
  • The carpet can also be used to mark specific zones in the apartment. This often helps to create a harmonious and well-organized interior.
  • You can match the color of the carpet to the color of the entire room or vice versa. You can choose a carpet from the Komfort range that will contrast with the surroundings. Such a procedure can bring particularly interesting effects in the case of minimalist or monochromatic interiors. On the other hand, uniform, subdued carpets can work well in very bold and colorful rooms. Colorful carpets decorated with images of animals or fairy-tale characters will be perfect for the rooms of the youngest household members.
  • The parameters of the carpet as its grammage also play an important role. The higher the grammage of the carpet, the more resistant it is to deformation.

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