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Advantages of a shower cabin

Shower cabins have been gradually replacing traditional bathtubs in Polish bathrooms for many years. There are many advantages to the cabin, so important nowadays.

A shower cabin saves time and money. When taking a shower, we not only use less water but, above all, we save hot water. Warmer water is generally used for bathing than for showering. Additionally, during a long bath, when the water cools down, hot water is often added. So a quick shower saves water, energy and time.

A shower cabin for a small bathroom in a block of flats is a great solution that will save space. It is worth making the decision to install a shower before the renovation. A cabin placed in the corner allows for very effective bathroom design. Thanks to this , you can plan additional bathroom furniture, even in a small bathroom in a block of flats.

The size and shape of the shower cabin matter

When deciding on the choice of a shower enclosure, it is worth considering the shape. The semi-circular cabin, with the same dimensions as the square one, takes up slightly less space. When selecting a shower tray , it is worth ensuring that the radius of the cabin and the shower tray are the same. For symmetrical half-round cabins, it is usually 45 or 55 cm.

In the case of square cabins, it is much easier to choose the right shower tray. All you need are the right dimensions. In this type of cabins, hinged or accordion-folding doors are often used. There are also cabins in which the walls can be completely folded against the wall, thus "freeing" additional space in the bathroom after the shower.

People who like to have a lot of space during the shower, or those who have an unusual niche in the bathroom, should consider asymmetrical cabins. This solution allows you to adjust the size of the shower cabin to your individual needs . The asymmetric cabin gives almost unlimited possibilities in the arrangement of the shower space, the largest cabins have walls 2 meters long, which corresponds to the size of home saunas.

The most popular sizes of square and half-round cabins have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Shower cabin 70x70 - ideal for a micro bathroom, it takes up very little space, but more substantial people may have a problem with the lack of space.
  • Shower cabin 80x80 - a very popular size, it allows even tall people to wash relatively freely.
  • Shower cabin 90x90 - a size that has been becoming more and more popular for several years. Almost a square meter provides plenty of bathing space.

Shower cabin with or without a shower tray?

Many buyers face this dilemma. So, is it better to mount the cabin on a traditional shower tray, or is it better to abandon it?

A cabin with a shower tray is the most common solution. Such a set is much easier to install and seal with silicone. A conglomerate or ceramic shower tray is very durable, stable and perfectly dampens the sound of falling water drops. The less durable acrylic shower tray is easy and cheap to replace. Currently, very low shower trays are already being produced, which make it much easier for the elderly to enter the shower.

A cabin without a shower tray is becoming a very popular solution because it gives the bathroom optical lightness. The same floor tiles can be laid on the floor as in the entire bathroom, thanks to which the coherence of the arrangement is maintained. The lack of a shower tray is also important for people who have mobility problems. The lack of barriers makes it possible to enter the shower, e.g. in a wheelchair.

A cabin without a shower tray requires excellent waterproofing to prevent water from seeping under the floor tiles. For this reason, it is worth planning this solution before starting renovation or arranging the bathroom.

Opening method – doors or walk-ins

When we dream of a bathroom with a shower, it is worth considering how to open the shower cabin.

Shower cabin with hinged door - a large single door works better in larger bathrooms. When designing a bathroom , it is worth ensuring that there is enough space on the side on which the door will open. The undoubted advantages of this solution include the durability of the hinges and the easy way to open the door.

A shower cabin with sliding doors is the most frequently chosen solution. Sliding doors do not require free space in front of the cab. There is also no risk of breaking the glass door when it hits something when opening. In the case of sliding doors , remember to regularly clean the guides on which the rollers of the shower cabin move.

Walk in cabin - it is a shower cabin without a door. The entire structure consists of a large pane of glass mounted to one of the walls of the bathroom. The wall is also stabilized with a suitable metal profile. The walk-in cabin has no moving parts. Most often, walk-in showers are mounted on the floor, without a shower tray. Thanks to this, not only the bathroom gains an elegant look. This solution will also be appreciated by people who have mobility problems. In this case, the absence of a threshold on the floor and narrow doorways is very relevant.

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