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Bookcases and shelves

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Shelves are universal furniture that we use every day in our living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms and home offices. The shelf can have both decorative and purely practical functions. It all depends on what racks we choose, how we match them to our interior and what functions they are to perform on a daily basis. Very narrow and high bookcases often have a primarily decorative function. They allow for original display of various types of ornaments and decorations. In turn, wide, capacious shelves will be invaluable when we need a lot of space for books, trinkets, toys, etc.

Book shelves

We have to approach the selection of a bookcase a little differently if it is primarily a bookshelf. If we want to display just a few books, we can choose any shelf. However, if a larger book collection is involved, we must pay attention not only to the dimensions, but also to the construction of the bookcase. Of course, wooden shelves will be a universal choice. If we are looking for a bookcase for an industrial or loft interior, we can also opt for a metal bookcase. In the case of a larger number of books, we must also remember to choose a shelf with a sufficiently solid structure. If your household includes people suffering from inhalant allergies, a glass bookcase may be a good idea. The glass door will effectively protect the contents of the rack against dust settling on it.

Shelves with or without drawers?

Shelves with drawers give us additional organizational possibilities and allow us to store small items that we do not necessarily want to display in plain sight. Thanks to the drawers, the shelf gains functionality similar to that of a chest of drawers. Whether it is better to choose a shelf with drawers or only shelves depends on our preferences. A larger number of shelves will definitely be useful if we have a lot of books that we want to display. However, one or two drawers can be a very useful addition to the shelf.

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