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Bed frames

According to statistics, the average person spends about 25 years of their life in bed. Therefore, you should approach the choice of the right bed carefully. After all, this comfortable bed is one of the most important conditions for a restful sleep. Each bed consists of three basic elements: the bed frame, the mattress frame and the mattress itself. In many cases, we buy bed frames together with a frame. However, it sometimes happens that we want to buy only the frame, for example when we already have the frame and mattress from the previous bed. So let's check how to choose the right bed frame and what to pay attention to before purchasing.

Bed frame – how to choose?

The bed frame is the external, representative part of this piece of furniture. Therefore, we should make sure that the bed frames match the decor of the entire bedroom. This applies to both the style and color of the bed frame. If we want to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style, we can choose white or gray bed frames. Light wood bed frames will also work well in such arrangements. White bed frames will also suit modern bedrooms. In this case, we can choose a white bed frame with a high gloss finish.

In addition to purely aesthetic issues, it is also worth paying attention to the depth of the bed frame, in other words, its height. It should be adjusted to the height of our mattress frame. After placing the frame, the edge of our bed frame should protrude at least a few centimeters higher. This will prevent the mattress from sliding off the bed. The thicker (higher) our mattress is, the more should be the difference between the frame and the frame.

Another practical issue when choosing a bed frame is whether to choose a frame with drawers or storage for bedding. Such bed frames will be very useful if we want to save space in the bedroom. Bed frames with drawers are an ideal way to use the free space under the bed. This solution also eliminates the need to regularly clean under the bed.


The bed is the central piece of furniture in every bedroom arrangement. A properly selected bed affects not only the comfort of sleep, but also how we feel in the bedroom. The most popular and at the same time the most versatile choice are wooden beds. Beds made of this material fit perfectly into the warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom. Wood and many wood-like materials also have anti-allergic and anti-static properties. People suffering from allergies can choose such furniture. Upholstered beds are also very popular. In most cases, they are made of furniture boards, upholstered with special foam, and then upholstered with various fabrics, eco-leather or even natural leather. A big advantage of upholstered beds is the large number of available patterns and colors. We can easily match the color of such furniture to almost any bedroom arrangement. Wooden beds or beds made of laminated furniture boards, additionally equipped with a high upholstered headboard, will also work well in many bedrooms.

What is the width of the bed for one person and for two?

The style, durability and construction of the bed are, of course, very important issues, but probably the most important dimension when purchasing this piece of furniture is its width. What width of the bed is optimal for one person? The absolute minimum for one person is considered to be beds with a mattress 70 cm wide. Such a piece of furniture will work well, for example, in a guest room that will only be used occasionally. For the main bedroom for a single, it is better to choose a slightly wider bed, at least 80 or 90 cm wide.

Double beds are models with a width of 140 to 180 cm. Of course, the wider the bed, the greater the sleeping comfort for two. However, the size of the bedroom and the amount of free space available in it often determine which bed for two people to choose. If we have a spacious bedroom, it is definitely worth choosing a larger double bed that can accommodate a 180 cm wide mattress.

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