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Cersanit Moduo collection

The Cersanit Moduo collection is one of the flagship product lines of this well-known Polish brand. The Moduo Cersanit collection includes comprehensive bathroom equipment. It is not only the fittings and sanitary devices, but also a very wide range of bathroom furniture. The universal colors, minimalist design and very high functionality of products from the Cersanit Moduo collection mean that you can use them in bathrooms inspired by various interior design trends and architectural styles. 

A wide range of products from the Cersanit Moduo collection could not be missed in our online store. We regularly sell bathroom faucets, sanitary ceramics, furniture and Cersanit Moduo bathroom countertops. We hope that thanks to the wide selection of products, you will find bathroom equipment that perfectly matches your interior.

Cersanit Moduo series - elements

Cersanit Moduo is one of the largest bathroom collections of this manufacturer. In our store you will find about 150 different products from this line. What exactly does the Moduo collection include? It includes comprehensive home bathroom equipment.

  • Cersanit Moduo toilet bowls – this element of the Moduo collection is available in several different variants. These include hanging bowls, standing bowls, and toilet compacts. Hanging bowls from the Moduo collection are solutions that will visually enlarge the bathroom floor and, consequently, the entire room. The design of the Cersanit Moduo hanging toilet bowls makes them fit perfectly into modern arrangements. However, their use is not limited only to modern bathrooms. You can also opt for a hanging bowl in many minimalist and classic bathrooms. Moduo toilet compacts are a solution designed primarily for bathrooms where it is not possible to install a concealed set. They use a solution called semi back-to-wall. Thanks to it, the compact tank and the shelf lie perfectly flat on the wall. This eliminates a large part of the nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places that you have to deal with in the case of standard toilet compacts. It is also worth mentioning that toilet bowls from the Moduo collection were created using Cersanit CleanOn technology. These are the so-called rimless bowls, without a rim around the edge of the bowl. Thanks to this, the toilet bowls from the Cersanit Moduo collection are much more hygienic and easier to care for.  Resigning from the edge protecting against water splashes is possible thanks to the appropriate shaping of the interior of the toilet bowl.
  • Another interesting proposition from this collection are the Cersanit Moduo washbasins. This group of products is also very diverse in terms of construction and design. Models such as the Cersanit Moduo countertop washbasin are very popular. They were made of high-quality fireclay ceramics. This material allowed to obtain very thin walls with a thickness of only 8 mm. Cersanit Moduo countertop washbasins are available in various shapes and sizes. The designers of this brand have created for you round, oval and rectangular washbasins, as well as several models with an original asymmetric shape. Such an irregular sink with an organic shape will not only be a functional element of bathroom equipment, but also its decoration. Thanks to their universal design, Cersanit Moduo washbasins can be used both in modern bathrooms and in interiors inspired by more classic design trends. However, in the Cersanit Moduo collection you will find not only countertop washbasins. Furniture washbasins and recessed washbasins are also part of this product line. Of course, they are fully compatible with the washbasin cabinets available in this collection.
  • Cersanit Moduo shower cabins are another element of this collection that is hard to ignore. Moduo cabins are made of thick and extremely durable tempered glass. Its surface has been additionally covered with a CleanPro coating. This layer minimizes limescale deposits on the cabin walls and makes cleaning easier. Other elements that distinguish Moduo shower cabins include a height of up to 195 cm, magnetic seals and column hinges with a lifting function.

Cersanit Moduo bathroom furniture

The Cersanit Moduo collection is also, or perhaps even primarily, a wide range of bathroom furniture. Often, it is the appropriate selection of bathroom furniture that determines the functionality of the entire arrangement of this room. The Moduo collection includes furniture designed for very small bathrooms, where every centimeter of free space is worth its weight in gold. However, there were also models that will be great in large and spacious bathrooms. 

What exactly will you find among the bathroom furniture from this collection? Cersanit Moduo cabinets include hanging mirror cabinets, spacious bathroom columns, and standing and hanging washbasin cabinets of various sizes. Cersanit Moduo wall-hung cabinets under the washbasin are available in the following widths: 40, 50, 60 and 80 cm. These models also vary in terms of depth. In addition to standard size cabinets, the Moduo collection also includes washbasin cabinets with reduced depth - 22, 35 and 38 cm. Thanks to such a cabinet, you will save a lot of space in a very small bathroom or toilet. In addition to various furniture models, the Moduo collection also includes bathroom countertops. These are primarily laminated countertops imitating light natural wood. Such a countertop will help you visually warm up your bathroom and create a cozy atmosphere. The universal color of light natural wood will suit both modern bathrooms, classic interiors, and arrangements inspired by the Scandinavian or loft style. 

The wide range of products available in this collection means that you can use them in bathrooms of very different sizes and layouts. Cersanit Moduo bathroom furniture will be used to create both a large structure covering the entire bathroom wall and a small but functional washbasin zone. The great advantage of furniture from this collection is its modular design. You can connect individual Cersanit Moduo cabinets or bathroom pillars vertically and horizontally, creating a visually light and coherent bathroom design.

Cersanit Moduo catalog

The full Cersanit Moduo catalog can be found in our online store. As we have already mentioned, in this category there are about 150 proposals from various product groups waiting for you. We also make every effort to regularly include various types of promotions and sales in our Cersanit Moduo catalogue. You will almost always find products with discounts ranging from a dozen to even several dozen percent. You will find even more shopping opportunities in the Outlet section. There you will find not only discounted fittings and bathroom equipment, but also products from many other categories. With discounts of up to 60% you can buy, among others, floor panels, carpets, furniture, decorations and tiles.

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