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Valvex Loft collection

Valvex fittings, thanks to their high quality and modern design, have gained the trust of customers not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries. Valvex designers have been combining functionality and the highest quality materials with popular interior design trends for years. One of the latest proposals in the catalog of this Polish company is the Valvex Loft fittings collection.  As the name suggests, this is a line of products inspired by the recently popular loft style. Poles love this raw and functional style, and loft bathrooms are one of the biggest design hits of recent seasons. The core of the Valvex Loft collection are primarily bathroom faucets. This line includes washbasin and bathtub faucets as well as comprehensive shower sets. This collection is also complemented by bidet faucets. In the Komfort online store, the Valvex Loft collection is represented by several dozen products from these categories. You can buy many of them at attractive, promotional prices. As part of our regular sales, faucets from the Valvex Loft collection are available with discounts ranging from several to several dozen percent.

Valvex Loft - colors

White and black fittings are often associated with loft bathrooms. Such models could not be missing in the Valvex Loft collection. Valvex Loft Black and Valvex Loft White faucets will not only be a functional element of the loft bathroom equipment, but also its decoration.  Those of you looking for fittings in metallic colors will also find something for themselves in the Valvex Loft collection. In addition to standard chrome taps, the designers of this series have also prepared gold taps for you. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for fittings that will visually enliven a simple, minimalist bathroom. A very interesting arrangement effect is also achieved by combining Valvex Loft Gold faucets with tiles imitating natural marble.

Valvex Loft – elementy

What exactly will you find in the Valvex Loft bathroom faucet collection? The core elements of this collection are:

  • Valvex Loft bathtub mixer - both in the form of surface-mounted and concealed models,
  • Valvex Loft washbasin mixer - low and high edge mixers and minimalist flush-mounted sets,
  • Valvex Loft shower mixer - a model with a shower head only or a set with a rain shower head,
  • Valvex Loft bathtub faucet – 4-hole models intended for installation on the bathtub or built-in next to the bathtub, as well as concealed bathtub faucets.

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