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Cersanit Larga – collection

A combination of modern elegance, functionality and reliability. This is how, in a nutshell, the Cersanit Larga collection can be characterized. On the one hand, the Cersanit Larga collection refers to universal and minimalist, but at the same time elegant forms. On the other hand, products from this line will surprise you with their unusual and original colors. 

Cersanit collections, including of course products from the Larga collection, can also be found in our online store. We constantly sell over 160 different items from this Cersanit product line. If you are currently looking for equipment for an elegant bathroom arrangement in a modern style, we invite you to familiarize yourself with all the products available in this category.

Cersanit Larga – elementy

What products does the Cersanit Larga collection include? As with most other collections of this Polish brand, you will find here comprehensive bathroom equipment. A large part of this collection are Cersanit Larga faucets. These are models with a minimalist modern design inspired by simple geometric forms. The hallmark of Larga bathroom fittings are often original colors that deviate from the pattern known for years. In addition to the classic chrome-plated fittings in silver, the Cersanit Larga collection also includes taps in black and gold. An interesting proposition are also two-color washbasin faucets. Such a choice of colors gives you very wide arrangement possibilities. You can use the faucets from this collection not only in a modern bathroom, but also in glamorous interiors or Scandinavian bathrooms. 

The designers of the Cersanit collection also surprise with the original colors of countertop washbasins. In addition to classic white washbasins, this product line also includes black washbasins. They are made of thin-walled high-quality ceramic, which ensures durability and easy care of the washbasin.

Cersanit Larga – dimensions

However, the Cersanit Larga collection is not only sanitary fittings and ceramics. A large part of this collection are also bathroom furniture and accessories necessary to create a functional arrangement of this room. The two biggest advantages of Cersanit Larga bathroom furniture are the large number of available sizes and the modular design. You will find here, among others, Cersanit Larga 50, 60 and 80 cm cabinets. The varied dimensions of the furniture in this line will allow you to easily adjust the furniture to the size of your bathroom. However, the variety of furniture from the Larga collection does not only apply to a wide range of sizes. You will also find furniture in various colors here. In addition to the classic white bathroom cabinets, the designers of the Larga collection also offer bathroom furniture in light blue and universal light gray. The modular design of the furniture from the Cersanit Larga collection allows you to freely combine individual elements of the building, both vertically and horizontally. Thanks to this, you can use Larga furniture both in a small bathroom or toilet, as well as in a spacious bathing salon.

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