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Cersanit Crea – collection

Cersanit Crea is another proposition of a well-known Polish brand that will be of interest to lovers of timeless elegance and minimalist, geometric forms. It is a comprehensive collection in which you will find practically everything you need to create a functional and fashionable bathroom arrangement. 

The Cersanit Crea collection is represented in our online store by about 100 different products. We offer, among others, Cersanit Crea bathtubs, countertop and furniture washbasins, toilet bowls, bathroom faucets, as well as furniture from this line. You can often buy products from the Cersanit Crea collection as part of various promotions and sales organized in our store. You can buy many models of furniture, faucets or Cersanit Crea sanitary ceramics with discounts ranging from a dozen to even several dozen percent.

Crea Cersanit - elements of the series

Crea Cersanit is another multi-element collection of this Polish brand. Thanks to a wide range of products, you will create a coherent and uniform bathroom arrangement. The core of this collection is Cersanit Crea sanitary fittings and ceramics. The designers were inspired once again by simple but elegant geometric forms. Therefore, Cersanit Crea washbasins are mostly rectangular and round models. Crea washbasins are made of high-quality thin-walled ceramics with an additional Easy Clean coating. It is a special layer that makes it easier to keep the sink clean. The Cersanit Crea collection also includes washbasins from the Eco Box series. These are models with high walls that prevent water from splashing onto the countertop. Cersanit Crea bathtubs feature a similar design. In addition to built-in models, you will also find several free-standing bathtubs.

Cersanit Crea also offers toilet sets with rimless bowls using CleanOn technology. The appropriate profile of the bowl allows you to resign from the so-called flange, i.e. a rim preventing water from flowing out of the toilet bowl. Cersanit Crea toilet sets not only fit perfectly into minimalist, modern bathrooms. It is also a much more hygienic solution than classic toilet bowls.

Cersanit Crea meble

Natural oak, glossy white and gray mat are three color versions of bathroom furniture from the Cersanit Crea collection. Like other collections of this Polish brand, Crea is also fully modular. This means that the Cersanit Crea post or Cersanit Crea cabinets can be freely combined with each other. This allows you to create a unique bathroom design that perfectly matches the layout and dimensions of a specific room.

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