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Navy blue is an extremely stylish color that can give even a simple arrangement a very elegant and sophisticated character. A navy blue kitchen is an original and interesting alternative to popular white or gray kitchens. What's more, a navy blue kitchen will find its way both in a modern apartment and in an arrangement inspired by classic trends. If you think that a navy blue kitchen can be an interesting element of your interior design, we invite you to check what navy blue kitchen furniture is currently available in our store.

Navy blue kitchens – what style do they go with?

Navy blue kitchens are often mistakenly associated only with marine style arrangements. Yes, a navy blue kitchen will be perfect for this role. In such arrangements, a navy blue kitchen is usually combined with white walls and a few accents or decorations referring to the maritime climate. However, navy blue kitchen furniture can also be used in many other arrangements. A dark navy blue kitchen can be a decoration of a glamour interior or a modern arrangement. Slightly lighter shades of navy blue, on the other hand, will work well in classic, English or Scandinavian kitchens. It turns out that a navy blue kitchen gives us quite a lot of arrangement possibilities.

What colors will a navy blue kitchen look good with? The most classic duo is the aforementioned combination of navy blue and white. However, navy blue kitchens will also look great in the company of light gray or beige. In a modern interior, we can bet on cool shades of beige, while in the case of classic and traditional interiors, warm off-cut beige will be better. However, navy blue kitchens can also be combined with much bolder colors. For example, a combination of navy blue with yellow, orange or red is very energetic. Navy blue kitchen furniture is also a great background for accessories in metallic colors. This is especially true for accents in gold or copper.

Navy blue fronts or a whole navy blue kitchen?

Navy blue kitchen fronts or entire kitchen cabinets in this color? Which of these two options will look better? Usually, navy blue kitchen fronts look better in combination with cabinets in the same color. This allows you to create a coherent interior and take full advantage of the arrangement potential that this elegant color gives us. Of course, there are also exceptions to this rule and with a bit of interior design, we can also create an interesting kitchen arrangement with navy blue fronts and cabinet bodies in a different color.

When choosing kitchen furniture in this color, we also have to decide whether a navy blue matte kitchen or high-gloss fronts will be better. A matte navy blue kitchen is the domain of classic and traditional arrangements. On the other hand, kitchens with a navy blue high-gloss front can be chosen in the case of a modern apartment.

Navy blue kitchen – inspirations

Arrangements with a navy blue kitchen can be used both in classic interiors and in a modern apartment. Of course, a lot depends on what we combine a navy blue kitchen with and what details and other colors we decide on in such an arrangement. In the navy blue cuisine category, the most popular inspirations include:

  • • Navy blue kitchen in the Hamptons style – this eclectic style is a unique combination of metropolitan elegance and the simple style of a holiday seaside house. A navy blue kitchen fits perfectly into the eclectic character of such interiors. In addition, the Hamptons style is characterized by references to maritime climates, i.e. a classic combination of navy blue and white
  • • A classic navy blue kitchen – if you don't want your navy blue kitchen furniture to be associated with a marine style, just take care of the right proportion of colors. In a classic kitchen, navy blue kitchen furniture can be combined not only with white, but also with light shades of gray. Such relatively neutral, subdued combinations also include navy blue kitchen furniture and off-beige walls. If navy blue kitchen furniture is just an addition to a room dominated by a much lighter color, we will avoid obvious associations with the marine style.
  • • We can also choose navy blue kitchens if you are inspired by glamour climates. In such an interior, we can bet on dark, deep shades of navy blue. In a glamour kitchen, navy blue kitchen furniture can be combined with gold decorations. These can be, for example, gold decors on a tiled wall or golden curtain rods.
  • • A navy blue kitchen can also be an inspiration for modern arrangements. Navy blue high-gloss furniture can be combined in a modern kitchen with accessories in strong, energetic colors. For example, yellow, fuchsia, orange or red will work well in this role. However, if you prefer modern interiors, but without excessive extravagance, you can combine navy blue kitchen furniture with pastel powder pink.
  • • Inspirations with navy blue kitchens can also be found in retro-style interiors. Such an arrangement can be created, for example, by combining navy blue kitchen furniture with green. A sophisticated character of our kitchen will be given, for example, by combining navy blue with bottle green or emerald color. In a retro kitchen, we can also decide to use several stylized floral motifs.
  • • At first glance, we do not associate navy blue with Scandinavian-style arrangements. Contrary to appearances, navy blue kitchen furniture can be used to create a kitchen inspired by the Skandi style. Navy blue matte kitchen furniture with milled fronts will be perfect for this. It is also important to have a properly subdued background, in which gray, white and natural wood will dominate.

Kitchen furniture sets – navy blue sets at low prices

As part of our offer, there are ready-made cheap navy blue kitchen furniture sets. Thanks to them, you can buy a ready-made arrangement of a navy blue kitchen at a price several or sometimes even a dozen times lower than in the case of custom-made kitchens created from scratch. Our navy blue kitchen furniture sets consist of standing and wall cabinets, as well as a color-matched countertop. It is also very important that our navy blue kitchen furniture sets are made in a modular system. This means that you can expand them as you wish and enlarge them with additional kitchen cabinets from the same collection. This allows you to match our navy blue kitchen furniture sets to your preferences, as well as to the dimensions and layout of a specific kitchen.

Navy blue kitchen Komfort

Are you wondering where to buy a navy blue kitchen? Both ready-made sets of navy blue kitchens and individual kitchen furniture in this color can be found in the offer of our online store. Komfort navy blue kitchens are, for example, the Roma collection. Roma navy blue kitchen furniture is the quintessence of elegant classics. In this collection you will find navy blue kitchen furniture with milled fronts and unobtrusive, relatively simple metal handles. The Roma line also includes wall cabinets with glazing and delicate muntins. Of course, we offer various types of kitchen cabinets in this color. These are both cabinets with drawers, as well as kitchen posts dedicated to the installation of household appliances or classic opening cabinets. In total, in the Roma navy blue kitchen furniture collection you will find almost 90 different products. We hope that with a wide range of kitchen cabinets and accessories, you will be able to create your dream navy blue kitchen design.

In what arrangements can you use navy blue Komfort kitchen furniture from the Roma collection? The navy blue kitchen Komfort Roma will be perfect especially for kitchens inspired by classic trends. Due to the traditionally milled fronts, the Roma navy blue kitchen can be used, for example, in an English or Scandinavian style arrangement.

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