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Wooden kitchens are both rustic kitchens full of homely warmth, classic kitchens, and modern industrial arrangements, in which wooden elements are mixed with metal and concrete. Wood is an extremely versatile material that gives us really great possibilities in kitchen design. A kitchen made of wood or materials imitating this natural material will find its way into many architectural styles. If you are interested in wooden kitchens, we invite you to check what wooden kitchen furniture is currently available in our store. We hope that with our range of wooden kitchen cabinets and accessories you will create the kitchen arrangement of your dreams.

A wood-coloured kitchen – where does it fit?

A wood-colored kitchen is a universal choice that can be chosen both in a modern apartment and in interiors inspired by classic trends. Of course, it is important what shade of wood we choose. A light wooden kitchen is a simple way to optically brighten and enlarge the room. A light wood kitchen combined with white or light grey is an ideal base for creating a minimalist Scandinavian style or a classic kitchen. On the other hand, a dark kitchen with wood is the domain of modern arrangements in the raw, but recently extremely fashionable industrial style.

Natural wood kitchen – advantages and disadvantages

A kitchen made of natural wood? Is it really a good idea? Yes, we can buy kitchen furniture made of solid wood. However, such a solution is not entirely practical for at least several reasons. First of all, solid wood does not tolerate high humidity and frequent temperature changes very well. The steam generated during cooking can therefore lead to the deformation of natural wood kitchen elements. In addition, solid wood is relatively heavy. Wooden fronts can therefore undergo various types of failures over time. The high price of natural wood kitchens is also important. No wonder that the vast majority of kitchen furniture used every day is made of wood-like materials. For example, it is a relatively light and durable laminated board or furniture board covered with foil or varnished.

Exclusive wooden kitchens in palace and rustic style

Wooden kitchens are not only sets of classic and modern kitchen furniture. Stylish wooden kitchens can be used in interiors inspired by the palace style, or in rustic kitchens referring to the atmosphere of a country manor house. Exclusive wooden kitchens are still growing in popularity, although modern and classic kitchen sets are still the most popular in our store. With a bit of interior design, stylish wooden kitchens can also become a very interesting element of home décor.

Kitchen wooden fronts – what are they made of?

As we have already mentioned, a kitchen with wooden fronts is most often a set of kitchen furniture imitating the pattern and structure of natural wood. Modern production methods allow you to create laminated or varnished kitchen furniture fronts that will resemble natural wood. Such kitchens with wooden fronts are much easier to care for on a daily basis than solid wood and do not require complicated maintenance.

The fronts of Komfort wooden kitchen furniture are made of laminated board. Laminated fronts imitating wood are completely resistant to moisture, steam and cleaning agents. Laminate is also resistant to scratches or other mechanical damage. If we add to this insensitivity to ultraviolet rays, we get durable wooden kitchen fronts, which, with proper care, will serve us for many years.

A kitchen with wood – how to arrange it?

A kitchen with the addition of wood is an extremely simple way to introduce a bit of homely warmth into the arrangement of this room. A kitchen with elements of wood is not necessarily a kitchen in which we decide on kitchen furniture imitating natural wood. In a kitchen with a wood motif, we can also use such an element as a wooden floor. Admittedly, solid wooden boards are not always a good choice for this room. Especially if we plan to use underfloor heating in the kitchen. However, in our store you will also find a number of products that will allow you to create a floor in your kitchen that perfectly imitates natural wood. The easiest way to create such a kitchen with wooden elements is wood-like floor tiles. They are much easier to care for than solid wood, and in addition, they are much more resistant to damage. However, the effect of a wooden floor can also be achieved by choosing special laminate panels for the kitchen. Many manufacturers of this type of flooring offer waterproof panels for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl panels resistant to moisture and mechanical damage are also becoming more and more popular.

Kitchen furniture and the floor are not the only wooden accents that we can decide on in this room. Depending on the architectural style we have chosen, we can use, for example, wooden or wicker lamps or wooden window sills in the kitchen.

Wooden kitchens – arrangements

Inspiration for wooden kitchens can be found in many currently fashionable architectural styles. The most popular inspirations in the wooden kitchen category are:

  • • Wooden kitchens in the Scandinavian style – natural materials are one of the characteristic elements in Scandinavian interiors. For such a kitchen, we can choose light wooden kitchen furniture. The background for them can be, for example, white walls and a gray floor. If you want to liven up such a wooden kitchen in a Scandinavian style, you can use, for example, a few colorful patchwork tiles.
  • • Wooden kitchen arrangements are also a popular element of many interiors maintained in the classic style. Despite the passage of time, many of us still opt for this combination of timeless elegance and functionality.
  • • Wooden kitchens can also be successfully used in modern arrangements. We decide on wooden kitchen furniture, for example, in industrial arrangements. Characteristic of this style is the combination of natural wood with concrete and anthracite-colored elements.

Wooden kitchens – Komfort projects

Are you interested in a ready-made wooden kitchen? Designs of such a kitchen can be prepared for you by our advisors. We are able to help you at every stage of designing a wooden kitchen. Our designers will show you interesting arrangements of wooden kitchens and advise you on how to arrange individual elements of kitchen equipment. Remember that in this room, functionality and Komfort are as important as the external appearance.

Wooden kitchen set at an attractive price

A custom-made wooden kitchen created from scratch is usually a very large expense. A much cheaper way to create a functional kitchen are our ready-made wooden kitchen furniture sets. We offer ready-made wooden kitchens inspired by various popular interior design trends. Each of our wooden kitchen furniture sets consists of lower and upper cabinets and a countertop matching in style and color. It is also worth noting that our wooden kitchen furniture sets are fully modular. What does that mean? Thanks to the modular design, you can create your dream wooden kitchen design yourself. Individual cabinets from a given collection can be freely combined. This gives you the opportunity to easily design a functional kitchen fully adapted to the layout and size of your room, as well as to your individual needs.

Komfort Wooden Kitchen

Komfort wooden kitchens are several separate collections inspired by various currently fashionable interior design trends. Komfort wooden kitchens include the Bari Plus collection with fronts in a fashionable stone oak colour. Komfort wooden kitchen furniture from the Bari Plus collection is available in two versions. The first one consists of models in which both the body and fronts imitate natural oak wood. The second version of this collection consists of furniture with wooden fronts and a white body. Such a combination of natural wood and white will work great, for example, in Scandinavian-style arrangements.

The offer of Komfort wooden kitchens could not be complete without furniture designed for classic arrangements. You can find this type of wooden kitchen furniture in the Palermo collection. The fronts of this furniture are kept in delicately whitened, light colors. Wooden fronts in this color will match white, beige and gray walls in a classic kitchen.

Lovers of retro-style arrangements will also find something for themselves. If you are planning this type of arrangement, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Asti kitchen furniture collection. Wooden kitchen furniture has been combined with cabinets in a fashionable and elegant bottle green color.

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