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Do you opt for universal gray in your kitchen? In our online store, you will find grey kitchens inspired by the currently fashionable interior design trends. A grey kitchen can be a starting point for creating a modern interior, as well as a classic, cozy and homely arrangement. If you are looking for universal kitchen furniture of good quality, we invite you to check what gray kitchens are currently available in our online store.

Grey kitchen – why is it so popular?

What makes the grey colour of the kitchen so popular? This was primarily due to the exceptional versatility of this color. Grey kitchen furniture can be easily combined with many other colours in the arrangement of this room. The most universal and at the same time the most neutral is the combination of gray kitchen furniture with white. Grey kitchen furniture looks extremely elegant against the background of white walls. A similar effect can be achieved by combining gray kitchen furniture with shades of beige or off-white.

Grey kitchens can also be enriched with elements made of solid wood or materials imitating natural wood. An interesting visual effect is also given by combining a grey kitchen with accessories in delicate pastel shades.

This does not mean, however, that grey kitchens are only neutral and subdued arrangements. This color can also be successfully combined with intense and energetic colors. The gray color of the kitchen can be broken with yellow, turquoise or orange accents. We can opt for such bold color combinations, especially in the case of larger and more spacious kitchens.

The reason why we so often choose grey kitchens is also the large number of available shades of this type of furniture. An ashen kitchen in a light dove shade will look completely different than a dark gray kitchen. Therefore, the shade of gray we decide on is also very important for the final effect.

Grey kitchen fronts – which one to choose?

It is also important what gray fronts we choose in the kitchen. Traditional kitchens are gray milled fronts or fronts equipped with metal, decorative handles. On the other hand, kitchens with gray modern fronts are primarily sets with minimalist handles or gray kitchen furniture without handles.

Grey kitchen gloss

A grey glossy kitchen or grey matte kitchen furniture? This question is asked by many people when planning a kitchen arrangement. A grey glossy kitchen is often a bull's eye in the case of modern arrangements. A grey lacquered kitchen gives our interior an exceptionally modernist character. In addition to their attractive appearance, high-gloss grey kitchens have one more very important practical advantage. A gray kitchen in gloss will reflect light. This effect visually enlarges and brightens the interior. If we want to use such a trick, a light gray glossy kitchen will work best. Especially if we combine such light gray kitchen furniture with white walls. On the other hand, if we choose dark gray kitchens similar to anthracite, the effect may be the opposite. We can also choose grey gloss kitchens in the case of some classic arrangements. In such situations, the modernist finish of lacquered gray fronts can be warmed up, for example, with elements in the color of natural wood. Of course, if you decide on gray high-gloss kitchens, you have to take into account the need for frequent cleaning. Stains or dirt on glossy fronts are much more conspicuous than on the surface of matte fronts.

Kitchen gray matt

A slightly more universal choice will be a matte gray kitchen. Such grey matt kitchens can be the basis for creating an arrangement inspired by several different trends. We can choose grey matte kitchens, for example, when planning an arrangement in the Scandinavian, loft, English style, or a classic kitchen. Grey matt kitchens are also the domain of raw arrangements in the industrial style. In the case of such kitchens, we usually decide on furniture in dark shades of gray similar to anthracite or even black.

Of course, a lot depends on what accessories and color of the walls we decide on in such a kitchen. However, we should not have any problems with creating a coherent arrangement in a gray kitchen with matte furniture. They will go well with both light, subdued colors and energetic contrasting colors. A grey semi-matt or matt kitchen has one more advantage. It is much less demanding to care for than a gray high-gloss kitchen.

Grey kitchen – inspirations

Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a grey kitchen? Interior decorators have shown more than once that we can choose grey kitchens in the case of really different architectural trends. In the category of grey kitchens, inspirations are very popular, for example:

  • • Grey kitchens inspired by the Scandinavian style – grey, especially its light shades, perfectly fit into the minimalist Scandinavian style. Grey kitchen furniture in a Scandinavian kitchen can be combined with a worktop and floor in the colour of natural wood and white tiles. An interesting variety of such a gray Scandinavian kitchen can also be patchwork tiles or a few black accents.
  • • Grey kitchens in English style – this is a proposal for lovers of interior design classics and a timeless combination of elegance and tradition. For a kitchen inspired by this style, we can choose gray matte kitchen furniture with milled fronts. Floral motifs are also characteristic of English kitchens.
  • • We can also choose grey kitchen furniture in the case of a kitchen inspired by modern trends. A characteristic element of such a kitchen arrangement are gray furniture with high-gloss fronts.
  • • A gray kitchen inspired by the industrial style can be a hit. In such an interior, we usually choose gray kitchen furniture in very dark shades. We can combine them with slightly lighter walls or floors imitating architectural concrete. To insulate such a raw, dark gray kitchen, we can use several elements in the color of natural wood. An interesting solution can also be the combination of anthracite fronts with 2-3 kitchen fronts in the color of light pine or oak wood.
  • • One of the hot interior design trends are also arrangements in the American farmhouse and modern farmhouse styles. Although in such interiors we usually decide on white or beige kitchen furniture, we can also use gray kitchens in a light shade.
  • • Grey kitchens can also be chosen in the case of many eclectic and classic inspirations. As we have already mentioned, the shade of gray kitchen furniture is of great importance for the final perception of such interiors, as well as the colors with which we combine them. With the help of light shades of gray combined with other light colors, we can optically enlarge and brighten the interior. Similarly, dark shades of gray will make the kitchen look more compact.

Kitchen furniture sets – grey sets at attractive prices

For those who are looking for a ready-made and inexpensive way to arrange a kitchen in this color, we have prepared gray kitchen furniture sets. These are 6 ready-made grey kitchens inspired by different styles. We are aware that such a ready-made gray kitchen set will not always be perfectly suited to the dimensions of the room. However, a great advantage of our grey kitchens is their modular design. Thanks to it, you can expand each set of gray kitchen furniture with further, additional elements from the same collection. Within each of the 6 collections, you will usually find from a dozen to several dozen models of single cabinets and additional built-in elements. Thanks to this, you can create a gray kitchen set tailored to your needs and perfectly suited to your preferences and the dimensions of the kitchen in your home.

Grey Komfort kitchens – discover our collections

Our designers have made sure that the Grey Komfort kitchens will satisfy both lovers of classic interiors and those of you who prefer modern designer arrangements. Grey Komfort kitchens are divided into 6 separate collections. These are gray kitchen furniture Parma, Rimini, Roma, Bergamo, Napoli and Palermo. Each of these grey Komfort kitchens was inspired by different trends and maintained in a slightly different style than the others.

Are you dreaming of a classic kitchen with a hint of romantic Provencal style or an elegant arrangement in the English style? If so, you can reach for gray Komfort Parma or Roma kitchens. A characteristic element of these collections are milled fronts, as well as wall cabinets decorated with muntins. Furniture from these two collections, as well as gray Napoli kitchen furniture, can also be used in arrangements in the still fashionable Scandinavian style.You

can also choose Grey Komfort kitchens when designing a modern arrangement of this room. For example, grey kitchens from Komfort Rimini or Palermo fit perfectly into modernist trends. In both of these collections you will find gray kitchen furniture with high-gloss fronts. However, they differ in the cabinet handles. Palermo's grey kitchens are equipped with simple metal handles. In the Rimini collection, on the other hand, we focused on minimalist handleless fronts. They allow you to create the impression of a uniform, large space in the kitchen and optically enlarge the interior.

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