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Graphite kitchens are in many cases a bull's-eye in terms of arrangement. Graphite kitchen furniture can be successfully used both in a modern kitchen and in an interior inspired by one of the traditional interior design trends. Graphite is a very fashionable and universal color, to which we can easily match many accessories and decorations. If you think that a graphite kitchen can be an interesting element of your home design, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of kitchen furniture in this color. Komfort graphite kitchens are several separate collections, inspired by various currently fashionable trends.

Graphite kitchen – how to arrange it?

Graphite kitchens have gained a lot of popularity over the last few seasons. But let's start with what color graphite it is? Graphite is a dark, saturated shade that is about halfway between black and classic grays. A kitchen in graphite will be extremely elegant on the one hand, and pleasant to the eye and cozy on the other. A grey-graphite kitchen is most often the basis for arrangements inspired by modern interior design trends. Graphite kitchens are perfect for loft or industrial interiors, for example. However, a kitchen in graphite can also be an interesting element of a Scandinavian-style apartment or a very modern designer arrangement with high-gloss furniture.

What can be combined with graphite color in kitchen design? The versatility of this color makes graphite kitchen furniture look great in the company of many other colors. If you want to brighten up a graphite kitchen, you can opt for a classic combination with white. Tiles and walls in this color will balance the dark, saturated shade of graphite. Graphite kitchen furniture also goes well with materials such as natural wood, wicker or architectural concrete. On the other hand, if you opt for slightly bolder combinations, you can combine graphite with yellow, bottle green or turquoise. The combination of graphite and pastel colors will also be pleasing to the eye.

Graphite kitchen fronts – what color of the cabinet to choose?

Graphite fronts can currently be found in several different collections of Komfort kitchen furniture. In most of these collections, graphite kitchen fronts are combined with white cabinet bodies. Such a combination of colors means that graphite fronts do not overwhelm the entire arrangement. We can choose such a duo especially in the case of a small kitchen, which could be optically reduced by entire dark graphite cabinets. In the case of a slightly more spacious kitchen with a lot of natural light, graphite kitchen fronts can be combined with a gray body. It is also important for the final perception of the entire kitchen arrangement whether we choose high-gloss graphite kitchen fronts or matte graphite fronts.

Kitchen graphite gloss

The gloss graphite kitchen is primarily the Palermo collection. Komfort Palermo graphite kitchen furniture can be chosen in the case of a modern kitchen arrangement. The fronts of this furniture are made of MDF board covered with a special foil. These types of fronts are characterized by high durability and resistance to scratches or other mechanical damage. The foiled fronts are also resistant to ultraviolet rays. Thanks to this, graphite high-gloss kitchens will not lose their original color even as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Matt graphite kitchen

A graphite matt kitchen is a slightly more popular and more frequently chosen option than glossy fronts in this color. Matt graphite kitchens can be found as part of furniture systems such as Bergamo, Parma or Empoli. Matte graphite kitchens fit perfectly into several modern interior design trends. However, we can also successfully reach for graphite matte kitchen furniture in the case of a kitchen inspired by one of the classic trends. The advantage of graphite mat kitchens over high-gloss kitchens is much easier daily care. Any stains or fingerprints will not be noticeable on the matte surface as they are on high-gloss fronts.

Graphite kitchen – inspirations

Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a graphite kitchen? As we have already mentioned, this color can be used in arrangements inspired by several different interior design trends. Graphite kitchen arrangements in industrial or loft style are very popular. In an austere industrial interior, graphite kitchen furniture can be combined, for example, with tiles imitating architectural concrete. In order to brighten up such a rather dark combination, we can use several elements in the color of light wood. These can be, for example, wooden kitchen worktops or several smaller kitchen fronts. In a loft kitchen, we can use a slightly brighter color palette. Graphite fronts can be combined with a white worktop and cabinet bodies. A graphite loft-style kitchen can be complemented by metal, black pendant lamps and black cabinet handles.

However, there is also no shortage of inspiration for graphite kitchens in a slightly more traditional style. Our graphite kitchen furniture with milled fronts will be perfect for this role. This type of kitchen cabinetry fits perfectly into kitchens inspired by the English or Scandinavian style. Milled graphite-coloured fronts will also work well in many timeless, classic kitchens.

Graphite kitchen – ready-made sets

In our online store you will find both ready-made Komfort graphite kitchen furniture sets and individual elements of this room. All our graphite kitchen sets are available in a modular system. This means that you can freely combine kitchen cabinets from a given collection. This allows you to design a graphite kitchen in a set perfectly suited to the layout and dimensions of a specific room. Such a graphite kitchen set created by yourself or with the help of our designers is also much cheaper than custom-made kitchens created from scratch.

If you have any problem with planning or completing graphite furniture from our collections, we invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive range of services. Our advisors will present you with interesting arrangements of graphite kitchens and help you in the functional planning of individual elements of equipment. We will help you create a set of graphite kitchens perfectly suited to your needs and expectations.

Graphite Komfort kitchens

The Komfort graphite kitchen is an offer for both lovers of traditional trends and those of you who prefer modern interiors. Komfort graphite kitchens are divided into several separate collections. Each of them is inspired by slightly different interior design trends. If you are planning a modern, designer kitchen arrangement in graphite, you may be interested in Komfort kitchen furniture from the Palermo collection. You will find high-gloss graphite kitchens decorated with simple, modern, metal handles.

Lovers of classic cuisine and a timeless combination of elegance and functionality can reach for our graphite kitchen furniture from the Empoli and Palermo collections. The kitchen cabinets with graphite fronts available in them can be the basis for many such arrangements.

In our offer of graphite Komfort kitchens, people who dream of a minimalist Scandinavian-style kitchen will also find something for themselves. Our graphite kitchen furniture from the Bergamo collection fits perfectly into this style, which has been fashionable for several seasons now. Milled fronts combined with black handles and worktops in the color of natural wood will be the perfect base for creating a tasteful Skandi-style kitchen.

Contrary to appearances, Komfort graphite kitchens are not only sets inspired by modern trends. Komfort graphite kitchen furniture can also be used when planning a stylish English kitchen. Lovers of such arrangements may be interested in graphite kitchen furniture from the Parma collection.

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